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What Past Clients Who Used The Strategies Taught In “Free Home Buyer Class” Have To Say About Our  Sponsor’s Service In their Own Words?

The real estate market has taken quite a beating in the last year, and so we were basically looking for a good deal. Since we may move out of the area in a couple of years, we also wanted a property that will also be of good future rental value. Prior to meeting Alex, we had shopped around for a few realtors, and found that it was a rather time-wasting process. When we were eventually introduced to Alex through a mutual friend about 2 months after we started our search for a property, we discovered that the service Alex promised us (and of course ultimately delivered) far exceeds the other realtors and our expectations. We signed on with Alex exclusively thereafter.

Alex and Yuchi managed to find us the perfect property for our budget & purpose. He did lots of vetting for the properties and only showed us the ones that fits our criteria, which I think is great and saves us lots of time looking at unnecessary properties. He's also very honest in his opinions and will tell us straight out if he thinks a property or location (neighbourhood) is not ideal. When we found the townhouse property that we eventually bought, it was really one of the best ones at the price range that we saw, basically a good deal, which was what we were looking for. We made an offer to the bank (it was a foreclosed property) which was accepted, however the unit had a pipe leak which the bank promised to repair prior to closing. This repair took a LONG time and was making extremely slow progress. We also discovered a special assessment that the HOA was planning on, and we requested an adjustment to the bank. The bank took their own sweet time to response, in fact they never did, and with the repair still not going anywhere, Alex finally advised us to cancel our offer in order to protect our deposit. It was comforting to know that he is constantly looking out for our interests.

From the time we cancelled our offer, Alex continued to monitor the progress of that particular unit, and also continued his search for other properties for us. About a month after we cancelled our first offer, the bank finally completed the repair of the pipe leak. As Alex was continuously monitoring the situation for us, he knew exactly the day the bank's contractor completed their job, and he immediately arranged for us to make an offer again without delay. Alex told us that with the repairs done, the unit had become more desirable for other buyers, and he was right. This time round, on top of our offer the bank had also received another offer. The bank eventually accepted ours, and it was even at a much reduced price than our first offer. Sweet!

Alex was very prompt in arranging for the inspections, and even negotiated a credit with the bank for the cost of replacing the water heater (which was busted). Everything moved very fast but Alex was there the whole time making sure that everything was proper and taken care of. We closed in 2 weeks. Throughout the whole process, we actually also did our own research on the property and we expected Alex to also know about the things that we found out, which he did and so we were happy and impressed to know that he was really on top of things.

This is our first time buying a home (we're newlyweds) and Alex was key to making the whole process less stressful for us. I know that he is working hard to make sure that we are getting a good deal and to keep us happy and satisfied, which we are. We feel that we have found a great property at a great price, and we are thankful that we have Alex and his partner Yuchi as our realtor.

~ Sam & Hanny (Santa Clara)


We were a first time home buyer and Purchasing our new home was truly our "dream come true". Alex negotiated an amazing price on our new home. We couldn't be happier. He even shopped lenders for us and beat the rate we had found on our own.He pre-toured all properties before us to eliminate bad ones, He is very hard working, to be trusted and dedicated to his profession in real estate.

We were very pleased with all that Alex and his lovely partner Yuchi did for us. Alex was always available at all times for us. He always let us make the final decision, but honestly told us if it was a good or bad decision. Although, we may not always agreed eye to eye, he made sure we knew his stance. He goes the extra mile for the Buyer.

The Seller’s chosen escrow transaction was not as smooth, as the escrow agent made so many mistakes, but Alex took care of everything patiently. He helped us get the home we wanted , a good deal Bank Owned property in  multiple bidding situation without having us go overboard on price.  

We wish to extend our thanks  to Alex and Yuchi, again, for all that they did for us in easing the paperwork process that we had to go through. Hire his team as your agent and you won't go wrong!                                                                                                

~ Manoj & Archana (Santa Clara)

              I found Alex and Yuchi's real estate ad on Craiglist in the Fall of 2007 as I was researching to buy my first home. I hadn't told Alex and Yuchi this but I actually contacted them because of what I read in their past client success stories posted in their web site and the stories grabbed me. After reading what each client wrote, I felt that they would be agents that I could trust. I found out later through Alex that their clients typically did not come through Craiglist mainly word of mouth. Well, I guess there's a first for everything. After exchanging a few e-mail messages with Alex, he invited me to meet with him and Yuchi at their office. When I met them for the first time, Alex and Yuchi took a couple of hours to walk me through how home buying works, what information you need, how you can purchase at the lowest possible price and what it takes to get the ideal home you want. The consultation was a detailed first time home buyer presentation but the thing about the presentation was that they didn't sugar coat anything. They told me the honest truth about what I needed to do, how much money I needed for down payment and what kind of dwelling I could afford based on my salary history. I walked out of their office well informed. Alex stressed key points on how to have a good and positive experience in buying a home. I took the information I got and relayed it to my boyfriend Christian who I planned to purchase a home with and told him that I found the folks that will help us and I knew exactly what we needed to do to get us our first home based on the counseling received.

Because of what I learned from Alex's presentation, Christian and I took our time gathering all the requirements needed to purchase a home (down payment, closing costs, credit score details, etc.).It wasn't until March 2008 again when we were ready to get out there. We found out later that again, we did another thing that Alex does not normally run into and advices his clients not to do. We went with a mortgage broker instead of using Alex for the home loan piece of the home buying process. Worst yet, we used a mortgage broker who wasn't local, she lived in Southern California. I'll tell you shortly why this is a major no, no !

Alex and Yuchi were very patient and drove us around to look at houses. It took us a couple of weeks until we found some houses we liked. When it came time to making a decision on a house, Christian liked one house that was located in Fremont and I liked another that was located in San Jose. Alex and Yuchi suggested making an offer on the two houses and hope for the best. One thing that I would advice first time home buyers not to do is to try not to fall in love with a house because you might end up offering too much money than what it's worth. Trust me, it happened to us. I liked the house I chose and got carried away wanting to do whatever it took to get the house but Alex and Yuchi stopped me from going too far and gave me sound advice not to go for the house I chose. In the end, we ended up with the house Christian chose in Fremont. Alex's negotiating skills were top notch. He got us a sweet deal on the house, it was a trustee sales and even after we sealed the deal on the price, he got the seller to cut the price even more because of things that were found through inspection. I was really impressed on how Alex worked.

 The only down side to the story but doesn't have anything to do with Alex and Yuchi was the mortgage broker we went with. I would not suggest going with a mortgage broker, specially one that is from out of town because they slow down the process and you can only get a hold of them when they feel like talking to you. They act as the middle man between all the players in the buying process so there are too many relaying of information that goes on. They're also working with so many other buyers that they will not give you the attention you need as a first time home buyer. And because they're so busy doing other things, potentially, they'll forget details or forget to pass along documents. In our experience with our mortgage broker, she would lie about things that she was doing and she blamed Alex or the Bank or the title rep for her mistakes. She missed so many details  and blamed other people for it that we ended up closing on our house four days past our closing date. Closing was 45 days and you would think that was plenty of time to get the job done but for our mortgage broker, it was not enough time. So word of caution, don't work with a mortgage broker to keep you sane.

~Racquel & Christian (Fremont)


                Buying your dream home is not easy. With your limited budget, it is even harder. However, if you find the right real estate agent who can take care of you personally and financially, it can be a different story. If you want to know the different story of buying the dreamed home is such a fun, let me share with you mine. I just graduated and worked at my company for one year. Obviously, buying a home is a joke for me. As we all know, entry-level professionals may make decent salary. But, accordingly to the Santa Clara City income standard, the entry-level salary is still considered as lower income category. I met Alex through a good friend of mine. At the time, I am not sure myself that I could afford of buying the house. Fortunately, Alex took his precious time and explained me patiently what loan opinions are available. Personally, I believe that you need a real estate agent who is not only good at finding a good deal for your future home but also good at financial planning. I endorse Alex as 2-in-1 real estate agent because he is not only a good agent who can help you get the best deal on the purchase price but also a good financial adviser who can guide you to get the best loan and also make sure to save every penny for you. I still remember that I am thinking it is like one of those wonderful advertisements on radio when he told me that I can qualify for the Santa Clara City loan of $75,000 with 0% APR for 5 years. But now, I can tell you that 0% APR is true and real because I have the loan with the term and conditions exactly the same as promised by Alex. Now with that interest saving of 5 years from the loan, I could even have a brand-new car. Thanks Alex. You help me not only buy my dream home but also save my money to buy my dream car. I feel such a privilege to have you as my agent. The every step of the process is such a great experience for me because you provided 110% customer service and attention to me. Thank you for everything from the point that you took your time to explain me the details of the process to the point that you are being with me at the Title company to eliminate /correct charges by escrow & city etc, when we are closing the escrow.

PS: Special thanks to Yuchi for helping along the process.

~(Albert) Aung Soe Moe, Santa Clara

                Considering one of my traits to be a perfectionist, looking for a perfect home for me was not an easy procedure at all. I have been thinking about getting one for years, yet I was completely clueless and lost in the middle of the packed market of real estate. Then it was one of the realtors I know, Alex, who guided me through the whole process of house hunting. Sometimes we would use our lunch time to go house by house, and it was just not two or three that we saw, but a whole lot more. He patiently took me to every house he thought would suit me best, given several criteria of a house I have in mind that I have told him.

His honest opinions about the houses are very helpful toward my final decision of making a purchase. A house is sure a big deal for everyone, and I could only trust him for his vast knowledge in this specialty. I was doing the right thing. I am now completely satisfied living in a KB brand new house with all the criteria I have specified before. And even better, it is within my budget range. It did not end there, as he still helps me with all the amount of paperwork I had to do regarding the purchase. Alex successfully negotiated “large sum” amount off the KB home’s Builder So called Fix Selling prices & even managed to increase the Builder’s Incentives for my deal at the end. I also got down payment assistance & closing cost helps with government loan he negotiated together with my home purchase.I highly recommend him to everyone who seeks professional, yet incredibly friendly service.

~Rinaldi, (San Jose -Berryessa) 

             Good Real Estate services are hard to find, and we are glad to say that we found ours in our second time around – After discouraging results & experiences working with our 1-st agent ,my co-worker introduce us to Alex. Alex and Yuchi gave us such a wonderful first time home buying experience that I would pay money from my own pocket just to experience their service level & recommend them to all others who are first time home buyers or buying for investment. We worked with them for more then one year but never found anything less than encouraging with their services nor we found them pushy with our decisions. Their technical know how of the real estate market or their guidelines and recommendation for finding the best possible house within our price limits and Guess what we finally bought? A single family residence which I never thought would have been possible without Alex and Yuchi's help. They found us a good deal Foreclosed , Bank Owned home which save us Ten’s of thousands compare to other similar homes in Area and enable us to buy a single family home instead of town home as we initially intended. Alex also got us the Non-profit loan with no PMI, yet only needed little down payment from us. Without any hesitation I would say that you are in good hands of Alex and Yuchi when it comes to buying your dream house.


~Jigar & Nima  (San Jose -Berryessa)

              It was a pure coincidence meeting Alex while house hunting and what a blessing it truly is. Buying a house for the first time can be an intimidating feat and we wanted to make sure we had done our homework properly and with Alex, we had proper guidance, resource in knowledge of everything regarding purchasing a home and we get to make a great new friend. From day one, Alex was there all the way till we signed our escrow and he even came with us to the signing off place, arrived earlier than us, read through all the documents and make sure there's no discrepancies ( Alex did find some inaccuracies done by the title company and the new-home builder and corrected them and on top of that he managed to get us back a significant amount of money through his excellence bargaining forte from new Home Builder)
Alex is always thorough in his explanation and is willing to work with you according to your financial ability, advising you what is best for you depending on your individual case basis and is never pressuring you to take the easy way out. We are very grateful for everything that he has done for us and trust me, there was some complicated situations that arose from the work inefficiency of the builder's assigned lender and Alex was always there to fight for our right and to straightened things out for us. Basically the process of purchasing this house had been an easy ride for us because Alex was always there in our place to smooth every complex situations. We will definitely recommend him to all our friends who are in the process of purchasing their first homes and in the future we will definitely ask him to represent us again when we are moving to a bigger house or buying another property for investment purposes. 
Alex, you are not our real estate agent but you are one of our treasured friends. The experience we have with you through purchasing this house has been a very pleasant one and we enjoy working with you. Once again thank you.

~ Robert & Julita (San Jose-Berryessa)

                 As people who believe in karma, I and my wife strongly believe meeting Alex and his team has to be due to some sort of a good deed we did in the past. It was one of the serendipitous moments when we first met Alex and his team and we were immediately impressed how professional, friendly and helpful they were. Even though we had the idea of buying a house we were very reluctant at first since there were so many unknowns. Luckily we met Alex consulting team and they started guiding us the right direction like parents would guide their children.

When we decided we want to buy a house we talked to few agents whom numbers we got from the phone book. We later met with an agent and she instructed us to go to an open house to have a look at a property, and as first time home buyers that was all the help we got from her that day. But little that we knew our real friends in real estate were awaiting us the next door to the open house we were supposed to go. Just out of curiosity we dropped in to the next door and it was another open house done by Alex. As we spoke, Alex explained us lot of things we may not have otherwise known about first time home buying. We were really impressed and encouraged by the information they provided. As a good friend they instructed us what we need to do first and on the way home from that open house I and my wife decided this is the person we want to get assistance from when we buy a house.

To be honest, when we first met Alex on that auspicious day we were in no shape to own a property in the bay area in terms of finance. But thanks to their advices, we started moving closer and closer towards that dream day by day. After we fulfilled Alex's first recommendations, we contacted them again. To our greatest surprise, he remembered us after about 6 months by our names. After that Alex explained us number of options available for first time buyers and started finding properties to match our requirements. I think it’s got to be the most difficult part of their job, finding properties that match requirements of such a picky couple like us. Undeterred by our constant rejection of the properties we looked at, they continued to search for the ideal home that suits us. I must admit, their preparation before showing us a property, the amount of information they present to us about the property, the amount of research they put into it, is simply amazing. Sometimes we felt like they were exclusively serving us. Despite their extremely busy schedules they always had time for us (and often for our ridiculous questions as first time buyers). Few months ago Alex's team finally managed to find the place we really want to call home. For a moment we thought that’s the end of their job, but that was just the beginning. From the time we placed our order, they began liaising with the loan agent the builder appointed us. Even the  builder's loan agent was impressed how professional and knowledgeable they are. Currently we are in the final phases of getting into the right loan program for us and it’s been a smooth process from day one thanks to the hard work of Alex's team.We truly consider Alex and his team as our best friend and the bond we built between us during past few months will last our lifetime. Second only to finding our dream home, meeting them is the best thing happened to us during our search of the American dream. We wish Alex's team the best as they truly deserve it.

~ Duminda, Mihiri & Tharuka (San Jose-Santa Clara)

              It is with gratitude that we write this acknowledgment of Alex Aung’s Real Estate Team as our professional real estate representatives. 

As first time home buyers, we had many problems in buying house from analyzing and understanding this falling home market to our own financial limitations of buying house. Just like any other first time buyers, we have so many limitations and very high aspirations & expectations for our new 1st home. I met Alex through my brother. Alex was helping my brother finding his home. There are a few things which we personally feel really standout for Alex & his team.

1.      They make you understand current market & market trends happened in the past. They showed us all the charts & figures of present market & past market to make us understand what would be the ideal loan amount & loan type for us in the current state.

2.      They patiently listen to your concerns and really take interest in understanding what you need in your home as in what your preferences are in-fact.In many instances, they even took care of the small little things we wanted in the home. They also took into consideration as of how much we could afford as monthly mortgage payment, and smoothly and honestly advised regarding that, which was one quality we haven’t seen in any other real estate agents.

3.      Complete package!! Alex’s team come as a complete package, From getting your loan approval, finding our dream home, negotiating the best deal on both loan & home, to other minor but important issues like property inspection, ensuring utilities gets turned on for inspection, catching & fighting for faulty fees from title company & lender, they also helped us with house remodeling, contributing their remodeling tips & ideas, resulting the jobs done in a great price & a timely manner. Their services are really professional. They also helped & guided us for keeping track of credit score & resolving credit issues.

Finally we would just say that any one of you looking for buying a home or even thinking about buying a home, you should talk to them. They will help you organize your finances, credit score etc in better way, Alex Aung’s Team are the best persons to work with and fulfill your homeownership dream in a timely, organized and budgeted manner.

~ Pranav & Tina (Campbell)

                As 1st time home-buyer, with limited knowledge of the real-estate industry, all I wanted was to make sure someone would accept my offer to purchase a home. I found a home I liked off Craigslist. I set up an appointment with the listing agent, and although it was a nice place, Alex's Consultant Team wanted to give me a comparison of other similar homes. I ended up liking a different one they showed me and not the one they are listing, but they gave me plenty of knowledge of what to keep an eye out for when purchasing a home. So to make the story short, they became my buyer's agent and represented me when obtaining my first home. At the time, it was a really competitive market and the bidding wars were present, they knew exactly how much to offer, that was still in my budget, and allowed me to win! I purchased my 1st home. It was an extensive process to go through, but I definitely couldn't do it without their guidance. Plus, they found me such an unbeatable mortgage rate. They truly are a leading customer orientated team. Thanks for the continued service and answering all my questions at any time!

~ Shirley (San Jose-Cupertino)

Alex and his team have been my great real estate consultants. I’ve been investing real estate for more than four years and each transaction I made with them was a very successful one. I met them in year 2004 when I was looking to sell my condo in San Jose. After talking with several realtors, not only was I confused about the market situation, but I also got more stressful in dealing with these agents who seemed to look after their interest more than mine. One of my friends recommended me to give Alex a call. We had a great meeting in that evening and I decided to give Alex a try to sell my condo. Within 2 weeks, my condo was SOLD above the Asking Price. The whole transaction went very smooth and efficient. It was such an rewarding experience.

From that point on, Alex's team have become my real estate consultant for my real estate investment needs. Through their network and connection, I bought another investment property in Texas, which generates me Positive Cash-Flow every single month. Few months later, they sold another Triplex for me again with full listing price within ONE month. Just few months ago, Alex help me locate and close a below market deal and we are in process of selling it. After the deal is closed, they will help me to get into commercial real estate investing in San Jose area.

After working with dozens of agents in last several years, I learn that a great one 1) should always have exceptional negotiation skill to help your position in buying or selling, 2) is creative to solve problems, 3) most importantly, look after your interest (bottom line) and work with you with HEART to build long term relationship. They score A+ in all three areas! I ‘d highly recommend Alex's team to everyone I know for any real estate needs and advise.

~ Aaron (San Jose-Cupertino)  

Alex's Consultant Team was fantastic. Their service and attention to detail is first-class. They walked me through every document in detail, so I knew they were protecting my interest throughout the entire process. I've worked with other agents in the past, and I can tell you that they definitely went the extra mile for their clients. Also, their knowledge of first-time buyer loan programs is tremendous - they came up with a set of below-market rate loans that ultimately helped me afford the ideal home. I would recommend them to anyone I know.

~ Lijue (San Jose-Cupertino)


               I met Alex at my friend's place who had purchased home through him. My friend had already mentioned about all the great service he received from Alex to materialize his home purchase dream. Though I was working at that time with a different realtor and mortgage broker, Alex heard my situation and provided professional guidance that enabled me to make decisions resulting in my home purchase with the excellent government loan. Alex spent lot of time providing information and suggestions. Even after the purchase of home, he helped with many of the issues that arise after home purchase such as home improvement and remodeling issues etc. The dedication and professionalism is exceptional that separates Alex from average realtors. He provides services ranging from home purchase to home loans that many realtors/loan officers don't even mention. We can't thank Alex enough for all his professional help. 

~ Vinod and Sheela (Milpitas) 

Our story is unique. My husband and I have always dreamed of a beautiful home where we could raise our family and grow old together. Accomplishing this goal, however, right after our graduation from college had proven to be a tremendous financial challenge here in Silicon Valley. In addition, after interviewing a number of different real estate agents, my husband and I realized that one of our greatest challenges in purchasing the home would be finding the team that would truly represent our interests.

After meeting with Alex's team we knew right away they would help us to make the process a true success. Not only did they know and had lots of experience with some of the most competitive mortgage loans on the market, they offered us their full support, personal interest and lots of patience while making life altering decisions.

Although we initially decided to postpone the purchase of our home, they have continued to stay in touch with us, offered their assistance as well as personal advise on numerous occasions and provided updates on the local real estate market.

Alex's team deserve our highest and strongest recommendation. They are truly dedicated, hard working, knowledgeable, patient, energetic, and most importantly, ethical professionals.

~ Kasia & Peter (San Jose)

             I was looking to buy my first home in Spring of 2005 in order to get ready for my wedding in the summer! I had no idea what price range I was looking for and had no idea how home mortgage works. With the busy work life in Silicon Valley, it meant that I needed some help.At first, I was referred to other real estate agents by friends from a local church. That real estate agent referred me to her loan agent, and we started the home hunting journey. We spent a lot of time visiting different places that wouldn't quite fit what I was looking for. At the same time, the phone would keep ringing the loan agent. It was "paper-this", "fax-that" type of game for the longest time I could imagine. After three months of arduous work without success, I was about to give up and might have settled down with just renting for the time being.

Fortunately, my fiancée referred me to Alex and his team. At first, the idea of dealing with yet another Realtor made me hesitate abit, but I decided to give it one more try. To my surprise, they were more than Realtors, they thoroughly understand the every aspect of financing available and all the property requirements for those special financing programs at the same time. They started helping me by first understanding what kind of house we were looking for. They did not throw me to the another loan agent instead they took the time to educate me all the different choices & benefits of home mortgages available.

They took the time to explore the existing incentives for first-time home buyers, as well as the strategies involved to secure the lowest loan rate possible. As a result, we were able to secure a Government backed 30-yearloan fixed rate of 4.25% ! This really helped me buying the new housebecause it meant higher purchasing power.

Since Alex’s team understood what type of house we were looking for, the hunting experience wasn't like shooting in the dark. We visited only a few places, and quickly found our place of choice. After agreeing on the price, we quickly closed the deal without much hassle.

They are friendly and professional in all aspects of the home purchasing experience. Now, when my other friends are going through the pain of Real estate + loan agents, I would take out Alex's business cards from my wallet and refer them to him! Cheers.


~ Yao & Alice (Santa Clara)

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