(Bay Area) Discover New Government  & Non-Profit Home Buyer Programs to Buy & Own Your Home Now Safely With  “Super Low” Initial Investments.


(Bay Area), New  Help & Assistance programs are available for All Level Of Bay Area home buyers, and  NOT  just 1st Time Home Buyer or Low Income Buyers. If you are "1st Time Home Buyer" the benefits you will receive are even more. Unlike traditional home loans you do NOT need (or) use large savings of 10% to 20% of down payments to purchase a home. The truth, all YOU will need is documented & sufficient  Income, 1~ 2 years of Stable job history & decent credit history to make your home ownership a reality.    


Attend 2hrs "FREE Home Buyer Class" & learn about following help & benefits currently available - that you deserve:


1) You can proudly own your Home with "Super Low" Initial Investments
2) You can take advantage of  Govt Down Payment Helps for your home purchase
3) You can save money with  Below Market Interest Rate Home Loans
4) You can get proven  Closing Cost Assistance
5) You can safely Choose From Many Qualified Bay Area Homes that fits these Special program’s guidelines.  


It is a well known fact that ,Bay Area Homes or Silicon Valley Homes are expensive & in some case highly unaffordable for most First time home buyer. However, with proper knowledge, education & guidance provided by specialized right professionals, most 1st time home buyers or even move up buyers can make their affordable home ownership a reality.

"Knowledge" is “Power”, power in

Saving:  "10’s of thousands of $$$" ,valuable "Time" & "Headache" for you.

Fill up the Easy Registration form below to reserve & attend fun & information packed 2 hours, FREE, Bay Area  Home Buyer Class. YOU will understand & discover the proven easy & effective ways to save your money  & get started in right direction from the beginning. 

Class Will Covers:

1) What are the Government Helps & Programs  available for purchase of Bay Area homes?

2) How much of home loan can I qualify for?

3) Can I qualify for ZERO  or Low Down Payment Non profit & Government home loans?

4) How can I ensure, I get all the helps & assistance I am entitled to?

5) In's and Out's of  “ Home Purchasing Process from A to Z".

6) Insider tricks on $aving  10's of thou$and$ with Foreclosed & Distress properties.

7) How to make your Bay Area home purchase truly affordable.  

8) The common errors & pit falls to avoid by most 1st time home buyer  ........

     and more ...

     Please See  Full Class Topics , FAQ &  Class Schedule & Location For   Details.


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Bay Area Real Estate (aka) Silicon Valley Real Estate is known for convenient hi-tech work force living. South Bay Homes ,are  where most hi-tech workers love to live for short commute to their offices.


Most of the Bay Area Homes & Silicon Valley Homes (or) South Bay Homes can be purchased with down payment helps & closing cost helps in conjunction with very low out of pocket cost government home loans & non traditional home buyer helps programs. If you are First time home buyer thinking of purchasing your 1st Silicon Valley Homes or South Bay Homes , the benefits are even more. If you are NOT First time home buyer or do not qualify for whatever reasons, know that there are other non traditional home buyer helps & assistance programs. With the  efficient use of non traditional home buyer helps & government home loans available everyone can make Silicon Valley Real Estate & Bay Area Real Estate ownership a reality with better affordability. Note: Silicon valley Real Estate mainly consist of South Bay homes. Class will also cover current entire Bay Area Real Estate & Silicon Valley Real Estate market trend. As well as important question & unbiased analysis of whether you should and when you should buy. Government Home loans , Closing cost helps , Down payment helps are provided by several different level of government , Federal , State, County, City as well as non profit organizations and for-profit subsidized home buyer helps programs. For First Time Home Buyer (aka) Renters this class will put expensive Silicon Valley Homes within your reach.